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T-Bone Steak Tampiqueno

A thick and juicy T-Bone. Served with rice, beans, salad, and tortillas.

T-Bone Steak Ranchero

A tender T-Bone topped with our hot ranchero sauce. Served with rice and beans.

T-Bone Mexicano

Our delicious T-Bone smothered with cooked onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers. Served with rice, beans, and tortillas.

Steak & Shrimp

T-Bone and grilled shrimp cooked with onions and mushrooms. Served with rice and beans.

Carne Asada

A perfectly seasoned, thin-sliced steak. Served with rice, beans, tomatoes, onions, and sliced avocado.

La Poblana

A perfectly seasoned, thin-sliced steak with poblano peppers, mushrooms, onions, cheese, tomatoes, beans, rice, lettuce, guacamole, pico de gallo, and sour cream. Served with flour or corn tortillas.

Steak Herradura

T-Bone and shrimp grilled with onions. Served with rice and steamed vegetables.